PBS Video Summary Of The Mueller Report

An explanation as to why this is included in TheMuellerReport.com can be found below.

About our inclusion of this video:

PBS has produced a video summary of The Mueller Report that we find to be completely free of any political bias. It is literally a hosted walk-through with supporting video and images that corresponds with how the actual Mueller Report is written.

We’re including this within the website because we believe it to be pragmatic to provide a “highlight reel” of the most searched and discussed events from within The Mueller Report for readers who might be unsure if actually reading The Mueller Report, is worth it.

This video is effective at moving through the entire Mueller Report and providing the facts as presented within the actual document. It seems illogical that anyone who ends up at this website, and doesn’t have a general interest in reading The Mueller Report, will be somehow less interested in reading the facts for themselves after watching this video.