About TheMuellerReport.com

This website has been established because the American people need to have easy access to The Mueller Report. It is currently and will always continue to be without question, a very important historical document.

It is the opinion of the publisher of this website that some of the various versions of The Mueller Report that have been published by news outlets as well the government are lacking with regard to their ease of use and accessibility.

Additionally, search engines are constantly changing their organic results for almost every search query. If an individual has to revisit a website multiple times in order to complete the entire reading of The Mueller Report, having to navigate to the same news link again and again can be more challenging than it might sound.

In addition to organic ranking changes complicating matters, search engines often will place advertising links above organic search results. What might look like an ordinary ad link, could very well be a link to a website that is seeking to spread misinformation or bias about The Mueller Report instead of what someone is actually seeking out, facts. This can make it somewhat more difficult for an individual to successfully navigate to and find, an organic search result that can be trusted.

By using the web address TheMuellerReport.com we believe we are making clear what it is we are publishing, The Mueller Report. It is also logical that for anyone who is interested in The Mueller Report, it is easy to remember TheMuellerReport.com website address.

Any questions, feel free to use the contact page to reach us.